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Here is a glimpse of books in the works.

Friends of a Kind

A Circle of Acquaintances Who Defined How We Remember the Great War

Travels across England, Ireland, Scotland, and France, in search of T.E. Lawrence, Siegfried Sassoon, Robert Graves, John Buchan, Raymond Asquith, Erskine Childers, Joseph Conrad, Wilfred Owen, Lady Ottoline Morrell, Edward Marsh, Rupert Brooke, and Winston Churchill

Playing in Peoria

An account of a journey, using trains, buses, and most of all a folding bicycle, Matthew writes about the roads between Chicago and New York, with way stops in Lincoln's Illinois and at the houses of many presidents from Ohio.

Travels with My Children

Accounts from a lifetime of travels with his four children, who grew up, in part, traveling on the train to Damascus, tramping around postwar Croatia, on a Nile felucca, searching for the ancient Wonders of the World, and biking across Germany and the Ardennes. 

The View from Churchill

Travels in the worlds of Winston Churchill

Up Country: The Finish Schools of American Exceptionalism in Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam

Around the contours of the Indochina Wars

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